Consortium & Key contacts

The study is carried out by a consortium that spans a broad spectrum of expertise including technological know-how and environmental engineering, economical and environmental assessment, market and consumer analysis, and worldwide contacts, thus guaranteeing a proper scientific performance of the foreseen tasks.

The consortium for this study consists of the following partners:

Following members of the consortium can be contacted for any technical questions relating to the study:
Shailendra Mudgal and Anne Turbť¬†(BIO) Tel: +33 1 56 20 28 98¬†
e-mail addresses: shailendra(dot)mudgal(at)biois(dot)com and anne(dot)turbe(at)biois(dot)com
Robert Stewart (AEAT Energy & Environment)  email address robert(dot)stewart(at)aeat(dot)co(dot)uk
Krystyna Kubica (ITT) email address krystyna(dot)Kubica(at)polsl(dot)pl

Answers to most policy related questions or how the results of this preparatory study will be used by the European Commission can be found on:
Further questions can be sent to TREN-EcoDesign(at)ec(dot)europa(dot)eu

For questions about the site, please contact the webmaster.

BIO Intelligence Service - Project leader (FR) - Active since 1989 in research and consultancy in the field of environmental and health information on products, BIOS’s expertise is widely recognised in France and in Europe. A pioneer in the domain of life cycle assessments and nutritional health, BIO offers, to private and institutional decision-makers, a wide range of services covering the entire life cycle of environmental and health information on products and services, from the generation of the information by means of environmental and health assessments of products and services to its dissemination to expert and non-expert audiences. 2006-2007 BIO already led two completed EuP preparatory studies (lot 7: external power supply and battery chargers; lot 12: commercial refrigerators and freezers) and participated in the work on three other preparatory studies (lots 4, 5, and 6). In addition, BIO has excellent knowledge of the Integrated Product Policy (IPP) of the European Commission (in particular the EIPRO study) and it has rich expertise in environmental economics and multi-criteria analyses (economic and environmental impacts) of policy options and policy instruments.

AEA Technology Energy & Environment - Partner (UK) - One of UK's leading energy and environmental consultancy companies. Offers consultancy, applied R&D and technical services covering a comprehensive range of environmental topics ranging from strategic consultancy, air quality monitoring and management, water quality, waste management, contaminated land, energy and environmental management, training, technology transfer to institutional strengthening and investment appraisal. AEA’s work is recognised worldwide, and services are valued by customers which include the European Commission, European Environment Agency, International Energy Agency, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Health Organisation and United Nations in addition to UK government departments, agencies, local authorities and the private sector.

Institute of Thermal Technology of the Silesian University of Technology - Partner (PL) - Very active in the field of small combustion installations, and specifically on solid fuels. ITT has been involved in many European projects related to SCIs. It has also very close contacts with the combustion industry and SCI certification organisations in Europe and more specifically in new Member States where solid fuels represents a large resource base and usage potential. Its Alternative Fuels Laboratory accommodates two rigs: (a) a test furnace for the determination of solid fuels combustion velocity and (b) solid fuels burn-out measurements. Moreover, ITT has a laboratory in which two small solid fuel fixed boilers are installed.